Payment Policy

At Cauvery Powers, we want to ensure that our customers have a secure and seamless payment experience. This payment policy outlines our payment procedures and policies.

Payment Methods

We accept a variety of payment methods, including major credit cards and debit cards, PayPal, UPI and other payment methods as may be offered from time to time. The available payment methods will be displayed during the checkout process.

Payment Security

We use secure payment processing systems and encryption technology to ensure that your payment information is protected. We do not store your credit card information on our servers.

Payment Authorization

When you submit a payment, you authorize us to charge your selected payment method for the full amount of the purchase, including any applicable taxes, fees, and shipping costs.

Payment Disputes

If you believe there is an error or unauthorized charge on your payment account, please contact us or email us at for assistance. We will investigate and resolve any disputes promptly.

Payment Cancellations and Refunds

If you need to cancel your payment or request a refund, please contact us for assistance. We will do our best to accommodate your request, but please note that cancellations and refunds may be subject to our cancellation and refund policies, which may vary depending on the product or service.

Payment Terms and Conditions

By submitting a payment, you agree to be bound by our payment terms and conditions, including our cancellation and refund policies. These terms and conditions may be updated from time to time without notice, and your continued use of our platform constitutes your agreement to the updated terms and conditions.

Payment Processing Times

We strive to process all payments as quickly as possible. Please note that payment processing times may vary depending on the payment method selected, your payment provider, and other factors beyond our control.

If you have any questions or concerns about our payment policy, please email us at for assistance.